Ben Hemming’s new album 'The Devil Beside Me' is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, C.D. and Vinyl.

Recorded at The Blues Studios in London’s Hackney with fabled producer Mark Waterman (Depeche Mode, Elastica) behind the desk, ‘The Devil Beside Me’ is a tangible step forward from his previous work. The staple dark brooding remains throughout, but is supplemented now by a drive and energy that helps take this body of work to a whole new level. The result is a richly dynamic album that musically drives more than Hemming’s previous work, whilst simultaneously showcasing his trademark lyrical vulnerability. Above all, his ability to capture a rawness of emotion remains undiminished.

"Huge, dark, bleak and troubled. One of the best things I’ve heard this year." - Music News

"Ben Hemming... is to be congratulated on producing a fairly visceral and gut-wrenching musical experience that has blues overtones but is in reality a pretty unique form which doesn’t fall into any pigeon hole." - Blues Matters

"His ability to capture the rawness of emotion remains undiminished…his boldest musical statement to date." - Rootstime

"[The album] ...shows an artist developing his style, evolving into other areas and pushing the ‘rules’ of a genre to see where it takes us and what treasures can be found." - Dancing About Architecture

All songs Written and performed by Ben Hemming. Bass by James Hosking, drums by Luigi Rampino. Produced by Mark Waterman at The Blue Studios, London. Mixed by Nick Terry.


Ben Hemming’s second album ‘City of Streets’ is available  to download on iTunes, Amazon Music, and stream on Apple Music and Spotify. The release was recorded in the small Norwegian town of Spydeberg, 40 mins away from the capital Oslo, at ‘Velvet Recording’ a state of the art studio with an impressive live room. This enabled band to be recorded playing together and gave a amazing live vide to the album. It was produced by Nick Terry who has worked with some big names such as The Libertines, Ian Brown, and Klaxons. His initiative work ethic and production techniques gave the release a distinctive sound all of it’s own. The album was recorded in the bleak Norwegian winter of 2017, a factor that has no doubt added to the atmosphere and intensity of the recording.

The title of the album ‘City of Streets’ was chosen as the majority of the songs were written in London, were Ben Hemming is currently based, and were an attempt to embody the isolation that lies at the heart of the modern metropolis.

Released March 8, 2017. All songs Written and performed by Ben Hemming. Double bass by 
Raf Ruocco, Drums by Eric Young. Produced by Nick Terry at Velvet Recording, Spydeberg, Norway. Here's what the music press are saying about the release:

"Railway track rhythms fuelled by empowering acoustic-blues riffs" - Art Will Fall.

"...every song is original, with an hour’s worth of meaning packed into just over thirty minutes." - Blues Blast Magazine.

"His deep baritone voice lends itself to American country music, where clarity and a laid-back serenity make their fortune." - Southland Blues.


Ben Hemming’s debut album ‘Broken Man’ is available  to download on iTunesBroken Man [Explicit]Broken Man [Explicit]Amazon Music, and stream on Apple Music and Spotify. this release is also available on in the store with an exclusive bonus track of 'The Old Country' recorded at the famous Third Man recording booth in Nashville. here’s what the press are saying about the release: 


“Broken Man is a sonic pulveriser of an album that grabs a hold of the listener from the outset with its boot stomping, glass-chewing grind and refuses to relent for a memorable 32 minutes.” — Blues Rock Review.


“It's every musician's dream to nail a unique musical identity. Ben Hemming, a London based singer songwriter (born and raised in the rural midlands) can tick that box thanks to the spine-tingling 'Black Heart', with its rattling guitar and hollered vocals.” — The Blues Magazine.


"Part blues, part folk, part rock and part gospel, Broken Man is a collection of songs of bleak beauty and resigned acceptance of the lottery of life. it is also a fascinating and highly enjoyable release." Blues Blast Magazine.


"The album is beautiful, but in that harsh, eastern european, soviet concrete structure kind of way. a dark solitary collection of music, apt for a world of woe, a story of survival, of just getting by, this is a new Blues."

- Americana U.K.

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