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Big news on the horizon

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

So the big new first... I am happy to announce that I have finally confirmed the dates for recording my new album 'The Devil Beside Me'. On the 7th of December god willing I will be getting together with my new band in 'The Blues Studios' in Dalston, London to record what will be my third studio album. I am very happy to be working again with Nick Terry (Libertines, Ian Brown, Klaxtons) who will mix and master the album in Norway. But I am also very excited to welcome Marc Waterman to the project who will be producing the recording. Marc is a very experienced producer who worked with a lot of Brit-pop acts including a personal favourite, Elastica. He has also worked great acts such as Ride, Ash and Depeche Mode.

As it stands I will be taking 11 tracks into the recording studio and if all goes according to plan the release date is set for early 2019. So make sure to follow me on my social media for updates and news as and when it is released. I also reached a personal mile stone by smashing through the 3k likes mark on my Facebook page. So if you haven't already be sure to show your support by giving it a like.

In other news I will be teaming up with Sofar Sounds in Newcastle to perform a secret gig at a undisclosed location on the 25th of November. These events are usually very special and unique way to see live music and sell out pretty quickly so make sure to pick up your tickets soon. The location will be revealed on the day of the gig and tickets can be purchased here. That pretty much wraps it up and I will be locked away in the studio for most of December.

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