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Autumn Makes an Appearance

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Well that's the summer over then... but fear not there are lots of exciting things around the corner, at least on the music front that's for sure. September has been a productive month but yet somehow I seem to have very little to report... I've pretty much been locked away in the studio rehearsing with my new band and budgeting for the new album, studio costs, mixing and casting fees, that kind of thing. Also working in my home studio on some new songs and demoing martial that I've been working on for a while. Generally all the work that goes into getting a new album ready to be released into the world. But I have somehow found time to make it out once in a while. London is a city of distractions, where I'm currently based, but thankfully I have managed to keep the partying under control and even fitted in a gig or two.

On the 27th I played a solo show at the Gladstone Arms in south London. This is a quality local pub/music venue that came under some hard times recently when the license came under renewal. Luckily it didn't fall foul to what has been happening to a lot of London venues recently. Instead it was taken over and the new owners are doing a great job of continuing putting on quality live music to an enthusiastic crowd. I came away from the gig feeling satisfied I had given a my all to a deserving audience. If you missed that performance this month I have a gig on the 19th of October at The Prince Alfred in Holloway, a venue which has recently reopened and are already gaining a good reputation for quality live music.

I've also been busy in front of the camera again. This time the setting has been rather more eerie than the last, Brompton Cemetery being the location for the music video for the song 'Blind'. The track is taken from my second album 'City of Streets'. Out now on: Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. You can watch the video on my YouTube Channel.

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