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September Blog - Back in Britain

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

And so I return to London. I survived my month tour of Europe (just) and have come back home with a new perspective on the direction of my music, and ultimately my life style. But if that sounds like I've been though an ordeal, worry not, the tour had it's usual ups and downs that you'd expect with any amount of traveling. It went right and wrong in equal measures and when faced with challenges I was able to find a solution, and a new out look has been the result. Next year I will be concentrating on visiting my British fans with a tour of England and Scotland in the planning so great news on that front. But so as not to disappoint my European fans I will be concentrating on playing a festival or two in the summer months. So anyone who's reading this having signed up to my mailing list at one of my gigs in Europe fear not, I will be coming to a festival near you soon. I will also be concentrating on festivals in England too so expect to see some news on that front when summer finally comes around again.

As with what's left of the year before us, and dare I say it, Christmas rearing it's ugly head, I will be taking a bit of time out from playing live to considerate on recording an album with my new band. At the moment I'm looking at a studio in wales, out of the way of the distractions of London, to record material that has a working title of 'The Devil Beside me'. More news will be released as it develops. And last but by no means least I did manage to find the time in between gigs and drinking sessions to film and edit a documentary on my European tour. It's tinged with both happiness and sadness at what will be the last tour I plan to undertake in Europe for a while. When I do make it out to the continent again it will be on the festival circuit and eventually larger venues. You can watch the documentary 'The Road - A Tour Documentary' on my YouTube Channel or by clicking on the link below.

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