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Summer European Tour Announced

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Summer seams just around the corner, even if the weather in London has been terrible of late (how very British of me to bring up the weather) But summer is always an exciting time of the year for me, not only because the of sun being out and the positive effect is has on people, but because summer for me means time to take my music on the road. Because of the success of last years European tour and the fan-base I'm starting to establish there, it's with fond memories I've decided to return. Let's hope they let me through the border again? who know's maybe this time I'll spend some of it neither drunk, hungover, or in some strangers bed. But I doubt it.

It's all kicking off with a radio show performance in the Netherlands on the 18th of July on The Taste of Music, followed by a show at Cafe De Ouwehoer on the 20th July in Rotterdam. There will then be a couple of gig's in Amsterdam, but no pink petrol station this time (trust me you don't want to know) One in a fantastic outside space Hannekes Boom on the 22nd July, and at Skek on the 25th of July. Then it will be off to Berlin on the 28th July with a gig at Prachtwerk, a fantastic art gallery and music venue. Before finally heading to Poland and the beautiful city of Krakow on the 9th August at Chicago Jazz. A romantic cellar bar just off the old town. With more bookings in the pipeline it's set to be one of the most successful tours to date.

Aside from me off having fun in continental Europe there is some other news to announce. The writing for my new album 'The Devil Beside Me' is still going strong and I'm happy to announce I am working again with a backing band. Me and the guys will be taking to the stage, if all goes according to plan at 'Lambstock Festival' on the 2nd of June at the Lamb in Surbiton. It will be my last London date before I leave for Europe so make sure your there. God know's what state I'll be in when I get back. So I'm locking myself away in the studio rehearsing the set in preparation.

I've also been busy in front of the camera filming a music video for the song 'The River'. And I'm rather pleased how it turned out. The song is taken from my second album 'City of Streets'. Out now on: Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

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