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A Fond Farewell...

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

And so with a sadness in my heart I say goodby to summer... see you next year. Autumn is upon us as is the wind and the rain but at least we've still got the Blues. Next year feels like it could be a big one in my musical journey with a new album in the pipe line (the studio and producer is already in place) as well as festivals and more gigs being booked in. But that's all for another time, now is all about looking at what went down in September and what October has in store. In fact September was a pretty busy month if I'm being honest. I racked up four gigs in total. The first of the month was at a revamped 'Jamboree'. The original venue had been forced to close it's doors because of the landlord preferring to rent it out to a yoga class, the result of complaints to the council I'm sure, or a backhander. But the new venue is proudly continuing the cause and I was welcomed by a fantastic audience. The next was at The Half Moon in Putney were I was lucky enough to not only have a great crowd but a photographer (Peter Frost) as well who snapped some incredible images.

It's was then when I got a chance to escape London for a few days with trips up to 'The Robin' in Wolverhampton and 'The Howling' Wolf' in Glasgow. Both audiences were very welcoming and I'm looking a booking in more gigs there soon. Next month sees me working on writing new tracks for next years album, gigs over sees in Switzerland at 'Gator Saloon' on the 26th of October, and a gig with my band at 'Acklam Village Market' on the 19th of October in London.

Hope to see you all soon!

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