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Disaster in December

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

To be totally honest with you I'm glad to see the back of 2018, the year ended in bit of a disaster really... to say things didn't go according to plan is a bit of an understatement. To begin with things seemed to be going well enough, I had a last practice with my band before recording began, which seemed to go well, and then we went off into the night to have a beer or two, and from that point on wards things seemed to go slightly pear shaped. The next day I was due to have a photo shoot for the album cover, for one reason or another (which I won't go into here) this had to be cancelled. Luckily I have been able to reschedule for January but the studio costs unfortunately were not refundable, not good, but it was then on to record the album a week later.

Now to be honest from day one in the recording studio I wasn't really feeling myself, but because to begin with we would just be recording bass and drums, I was pretty confident I would be feeling OK again in a day or two with a couple of early nights. This however was not the case. Four days later when the drums and bass were finished I was feeling very dicey indeed. However I decided to plow on like a trooper (big mistake) and begin work recording the acoustics. But two days hammering out guitar tracks all but finished me off and I was forced to take a day off in the hope that in a day or twos rest would get me back on my feet. Unfortunately I only seemed to be getting worse. So with a heavy heart I decided to call the rest of the recording off and finish the album in the bringing of January.

I had come down with a very bad case of the flu and was totally bed ridden for the next three weeks. But things didn't get better from there. After two weeks a nasty rash covered my hole body and after a trip to the doctor I was diagnosed this a rather nasty strain of throat infection and given a strong prescription of antibiotics. Kiss Christmas and New Years Eve goodbye, I was totally out of action. And so four weeks after I first fell ill I can finally feel myself getting better, just in time for the real work to begin. I have an album cover photo shoot, then a return to the recording studio to finish the album, then a weekend filming the music video for the single 'Never Had a Heart' due for release in mid February. And finally a trip to Oslo to mix and master the record. Let's just hope January works out better than December did, I'll let you know next month!

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