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New album 'The Devil Beside Me' out now

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Well what a couple of months that's been, gigs, radio play, and a new album released all since my last newsletter! So first things first, I'm proud, relieved, excited, and a little nervous to finally announce the release of my new album 'The Devil Beside Me'. You can listen here. I've been lucky enough to have received some great exposure from the help of my PR team, Big I Am and Manilla PR. Not forgetting the hard work of my manager at Wrapped Up Music. I've relieved press in magazines such as; Maverick, Blues Matters, as well as being on the cover Mount CD of RnR magazine with the single 'Dead Man Blues'. My first review so far has been from Dancing About Architecture who had this to say about the release: "[The Devil Beside Me] ...shows an artist developing his style, evolving into other areas and pushing the ‘rules’ of a genre to see where it takes us and what treasures can be found." High praise indeed. No doubt more reviews will follow in the coming months, so watch this space. I'm also happy to the announce the winners of last months album give away competition. 1st prize of a vinyl and download of my new album goes to Leslie Coleman. And second prize of a C.D. goes to Ryan Hiles. Thank you to everyone who took part, more give always will be coming soon. And last but by no means least my new single 'Inside' is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. You can watch the official music video below.

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