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The wait is over

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I'm proud to announce that my new album 'City of Streets' is finally released! Whenever you embark on such a massive project like recording an album, the reality of actually seeing it complete and holding the physical finished article in your hands can seem like a very abstract concept indeed, especially when wrapped up in the throes of recording, but that moment is finally here. Listening back to the recording now, at home in London seemingly a million years ago from when I set off to Norway to record it, I can't help but feel an enormous sense of achievement. Because it's no small feat to release an album without the backing of a record label. And in some ways the real work starts now with promoting the damn thing. I've already began the arduous process of contacting music blogs and magazines in the aim of getting some exposure for the release, now it's just a case of seeing what happens. You can hear the album on my swanky new website: and the record is also out on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

Whenever you spend a lot of time in the studio you really miss what for me is the most import part of being a musician, namely playing live. Because this is the best chance you have to connect directly with people, in a visceral way, you can physically see people getting into the music, something that is laking when your just looking over streaming and download stats. So the album launch party at Jamboree was the perfect chance to let off some steam and do what I love best, belting out my tunes to a full house of people who really appreciate music. This is why I chose Jamboree to hold the launch party, because of the amazing crowds you get every time you play there, and this time was no different. I'm not sure whether it was because it was one of the first gigs of the year, or because I had missed it so much, but being up on that stage was a truly magical experience and I can't wait to do it again with my backing band on the 21st of April at The Luna Lounge in Leytonstone.

I have also began the booking stages of my European Tour which I plan to take to the road in June and July. I hope to revisit some cities that I played in on my first European tour way back in 2015. And if it goes anything like that one did then it should be a memorable experience indeed. So far it's looking like Norway, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. But as is aways the case this could change depending on what develops. More news to follow soon.

And last but by no means least if you haven't had a chance to see it yet I did a little chat about my experiences in the recording studio, and why I chose to go to Norway. The video has some cool behind the scenes footage as well. Check it out...

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