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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

And so I return to London... the album 'City of Streets' is now finished and just waiting to be mastered. In a funny way I kind of miss Oslo... the cold days and boozy nights had a kind of romance to them, not to mention Norwegian girls... but it seems like months ago now, although it's only been a couple of weeks since I got back, I'm in an odd limbo where I'm waiting for the finished product so I can push the hell out of it. financially I can't really tell if it's been worth the expense, that depends on how it sells, but I can't help but wonder in a climate where records don't really 'sell' in the traditional sense of the word, can I really justify spending the amount that I have on making an album? When even if it is a success it's still unlikely that I'll get any significant return on that investment. When I look at the difference between the two records I've made in terms of budget, has it really improved significantly on the end product? The songs were strong on both releases but I guess time will tell if I chose wisely in going the big expensive studio route as opposed to a home studio. It's defiantly something worth thinking about when

album time comes around again next year. But although stressful at the same time the whole process of recording the album has been one of the best experiences of my musical career. It's defiantly been up there with going on tour in Europe, which I plan to do again this summer, but this time with my band in toe. Although I think I'm done with the whole hostel thing this time around. The loud snoring and down right weird people who I consistently came into contact with while mixing the album in Oslo defiantly made me think of AirBnB next time! And so with bated breath I wait for the masters to be finished and look forward with anticipation to taking to the stage again on the 31st of March at Jamboree at the album launch party were I will be playing an hour-long set with my amazing band (god knows how they put up with me). Tickets are on sale for £8 on the door or £6 in advance here. Hopefully I'll see you all there with a drink in hand and a tale or two to tell!

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