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New Year, New Goals...

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

2017 promises to be quite a year if things go according to plan, with some big things lined up for the future. The biggest, and most immediate, being the recording of a new album. It's something that I've been working on for a while my last album 'Broken Man', released in 2015, seems like an eon ago. And a lot has changed since those two weeks in April that I sat down in my home studio and recorded the 12 songs that made up the release. It seems amazing to look back now that an album that I wrote, recorded, performed, produced, mixed and mastered, received such glowing reviews from the music press and kick started me along the path in which I now walk, although it's a difficult road at times. But enough of past glories. The new album with the working title of 'City Of Streets' is looking like a more adventurous project. On this release I will be joined by my hardworking band (pictured above at a gig at the Rhodes Arts Complex, more on that later) as with the EP 'Rambling Man' recorded in Pete Townsends studio on a boat in London. This time I plan to venture out to Oslo in Norway. There I hope to work with the producer Nick Terry, a very talented guy who has worked with such big names as The Libertines, Ian Brown (The Stone Roses), Simian Mobile Disco, and Klaxons. No doubt the bleak winter that's currently in full force will add to the atmosphere of the recordings.

I then plan to head off on tour in the summer to promote the album, returning to europe were I had an amazing couple months when I toured there in 2015. I think I might skip the U.S. this year (you can watch my blog of last years tour here) although I plan to return to Nashville for the Annual Americana Festival and convention were best case scenario I hope to secure a slot at the festival, but if that falls through I will at least make it along to the festival to network and hopefully secure a distribution deal for my album.

Other big news is that I am delighted to announce that I have now secured new management. The delightful Moira Dennison has agreed to take the rains as my manager and I am looking forward to working with her next year promoting my new release and hopefully organising a tour.

Which brings me to the last gig of the year that I played with my band at The Rhodes Arts Complex in Bishops Stortford. This was quite a big deal because not only were we previewing some new songs for the first time, it would also be for the first time that I would be playing two 45 minute slots of original material with my band, no mean feat I tell you! What for the first couple of songs seemed a pretty daunting task (especially when I looked down at the massive set list) soon turned into easily one of the best gigs of the year as we rocked and rolled and belted out song after song. I can safely say that as a band we truly work as one, as tight and in the groove as we've ever been. I can't wait to play with them again on 4th February at the Luna Lounge in Leytonstone were we will be playing another full night of music. Until then I hope you enjoyed yourselves over the festive season and had a great new year... Adios!

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