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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

November was somewhat of a small landmark for me in that, for the first time, I returned home to play a gig rather than just visiting family. It seems odd to think about it but I've never played a proper gig in my home town, or in front of my parents. Unless you count that time I played guitar at art college with a paper mache horses head on (don't ask) which I certainly don't. So with a slight amount of trepidation I took the 2 hour train ride to the midlands where I would meet with my band the next day at Booth Hall in Hereford. The gig in question was put on by 'The Wild Hare Club' a promoters who had been putting on gigs in Hereford for years so I knew the show would have a good level of professionalism. And I wasn't wrong, despite it being a freezing winters night we had a great gig, although I felt slightly sorry for my bass player who had rather a long night of it as he also played a set with the other act that shared the stage with us, the fantastic 'The Three Deuces'. A R&B act in the traditional sense of the word also from the big smoke. So after some well deserved beers we then disappeared into the night, waking up to the inevitable hangover the following day.

December holds one last gig for me and the band before we have little break for the Christmas period. This taking the form of a night of music at the Rhodes Art Complex in Bishops Stortford. This is a gig we've been rehearsing for a while and I've written lots of new material to fit into the extended set time, something we will be doing a lot more of in the new year.

As a byproduct of this I have now gathered enough songs to put together another album which I hope to begin work on in the studio early next year, here's a little taster in what to look forward to in the form of a new song 'Got It Nailed' that I filmed a live performance of, enjoy...

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