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The gigs just keep on coming

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I’ve got to say so far it’s been my most prolific year to date when it comes to treading the boards on stage and I’ve got to say I’ve loved every minute of it! Since my last blog post I’ve played four or five gigs give or take and March promises to be more of the same with gigs booked in at The Dublin Castle on the 6th, The Cavendish Arms on the 11th, and The Monarch on the 17th, to name but a few. But I guess the highlight so far has been playing at the historic Troubadour in Earls court, not only was there a great crowd but I was lucky enough to play on the same stage as such greats as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix and Robert plant, all of who have played at the venue at some stage in there lives.

My album ‘Broken Man’ also seems to keep making waves with the music press as I received what was probably one of my most complimentary reviews yet in Blues Blast Magazine: “Part blues, part folk, part rock and part gospel, Broken Man is a collection of songs of bleak beauty and resigned acceptance of the lottery of life. It is also a fascinating and highly enjoyable release.” You can read the full review by clicking here.

Between gigs I’ve also found the time to rehearse with my backing band of Raf Ruocco on double bass and Eric Young on drums, in preparation for gigs at the Tring Blues club on 3rd, the 17th at The Monarch, and 23rd at The Magic Garden. We’ve also been doing some filming together, and recorded a live version of ‘Black Heart’ which is out on iTunes now.

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