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Gigs galore

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Well October went fast right? and November is looking pretty packed gig wise! but more on that later… I’ve been in front of the camera again and recorded a little vid of me playing my track ‘Inclined’ in my kitchen as part of the ‘Camden Project’ which might sound like a bit of a strange choice of location but the room has the best light and acoustics in the flat so it makes sense trust me! Incase your wandering were the percussions coming from, just out of shot I’m playing a foot tambourine and my new Junior stomp Drum made by Farmer, an american company, which is essentially a mini bass drum, which I’m loving playing at the moment.

I tried the same set up at my gig at Absolute vintage, a vintage clothes shop in Brick lane a couple of weeks ago, that turned out to be a slightly odd experience, somewhere between busking and an open mic, I was crammed into a corner, because of the shops size and how busy it was, so playing was quite awkward and by no means ideal, but the event was well run and the promoter and the crowds of shoppers seemed happy which was the main thing.

Which brings me onto what I have on for November… To kick things off I will be playing at The Union Club in Soho on the 18th as part of the ‘Save Soho’ campaign that aims to raise awareness of Soho’s declining music scene because of the governments short sighted redevelopment of the area. This is an issue that is really important to me and something that I talked about in my blog post ‘The decline and fall of the London music venue’ so make sure you come along and show your support. I’m on at 8pm so get there early for a great line up of acts such as Tim Arnold and Graeme Clark. You can RSVP to the event by clicking here.

If you can’t make that one for any reason, shame on you!, then I’m playing the day after on the 19th at Inspiral Lounge in Camden. This should be an epic gig as I will be providing the entertainment all night long with help of my backing band. Music starts at 9pm and the place also serves some mean vegetarian food so if your looking for a meat free day then this place is perfect! To RSVP for this event click here.

And then if that wasn’t enough I will be finishing off the month in style with what will probably end up as the last gig of the year at the Stags head in Hoxton on the 27th. The event is run by Hoxton Vibes and The Cult House, a promoters I did a gig for as part of an art exhibition at 93 Feat East last year so should be a cracker! RSVP to the event by clicking here.

So with that little lot happening you should have no excuse not to make it down to at least one of the shows!

See you there?

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