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Time waits for no man

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

And so summer has moved to autumn and winter is well and truly on it’s way, and the end of the year is fast approaching. September passed in a flash and October seems to be going the same way. But I did have a great gig at The Good Ship on the 10th. It was a solo set from me, and I broke out the stomp box and foot tambourine, a set up those of you will be familiar with if you’ve ever seen me play solo at an open mic. It was a busy Saturday night and the set went down well with the local punters at a great, if not unique, venue with a stage built into what can only be described as a ‘mosh pit’ in the centre of the venue. There were some great acts on the bill too ‘Jeeps’ and ‘Gunner Who’ to name but a few.

Apart from that September was a bit of a quiet month when it came to music, work and drinking seeming to take up most of my time. But aside from regularly playing the open mic scene (namely the Elephants Head) I recently tried playing at a Jam night at The Blues Kitchen in Camden. A fantastic venue on all accounts for drinking and music, but a venue that has escaped me so far in securing a gig booking. After having a quick chat to the organiser I faced the daunting challenge of sharing the stage with a group of musicians who I had not only never met before, but who had never heard a note of my music. But after a quick on stage chat something along the lines of ”This one is in the key of D, watch me for the changes…” we launched into ‘Inclined’ and the followed it up with ‘This City’ and to my surprise and relief the crowd loved it and somehow we pulled it off. It was great fun but I when I go back I’ll take my backing band, as I might not be quite so lucky next time!

October sees me playing a rather bazaar booking in the form of an hour solo set at a vintage clothes shop in Brick Lane on Sunday the 25th from 4pm at Absolute Vintage. Should be fun so come show your support by popping along. Get more info on this event by clicking here. If you want to catch me with my backing band then I’ll be playing a night of music at the Inspiral Lounge in Camden on the 19th of November from 9.30pm. For more info click here.

Keep ya eyes peeled for my next blog post when I’ll let you now how everything panned out, as well as any other random things that have happened to me in the mean time…

Adios amigos

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