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Uncertain Times

What a strange month April turned out to be. It's been very much a time of quiet reflection. In someways that's been a good thing, looking at how far I've come and taking stock, looking to how far I still have to go to get to where I want to be, and how I can achieve that. But in other ways it's been very frustrating. Being forced to stand still while all around you the world is moving fast, and your left behind.

I guess this feeling of frustration is born manly out of the fact things were really starting to happen for me in my music career. Gig's were getting busier and more frequent, and a new album was on the horizon along with all the excitement and anticipation that goes along with that. And in a way the lockdown has taken some of that momentum away.

But I decided to push on with the album release and new material is on it's way. Off the back of the success of my last single 'Dark Deals' comes the song 'Hurricane' out on the 10th May and available to pre-order here: To keep you all entertained is a preview of the upcoming video made in isolation, and with little budget, such is the nature of the times we currently find ourselves.

But the message I want to leave you with is a message of hope. One day all this will end, and things will gradually return to normal. Until that time I've been performing in a live stream on my Facebook page: the closest thing to playing live I can do at the moment. The next live stream being on the 8th of May from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. So I hope to see you all then, but until then stay safe...

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