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Things are slowly getting better...

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

July has been a month of slowly easing of restrictions and a beginning of a return to normality.  But some big challenges are still in front of me as an artist in the 'new normal' with some things still set to stay in place until next year. However I'm filled with optimism with some gigs on the horizon and good feedback from my new album.

The first return to something approaching normal was my first gig for over three months, an outdoor performance at Barry's Blues Barn, the brainchild of Barry Hopwood who one day decided to turn his garden shed into a music venue in the tradition of the old Juke Joints of America. Having paid host to some big names in the past such as Jack Hutchinson and Dom Martin and made it into the pages of Blues in Britain Magazine, it felt a privilege to perform in front of a great crowd even with social distancing firmly in place.

My new album has also been performing well having recently picked up some great reviews: “...bleak, brooding, huge... hints of the Blues as interpreted by an original thinker...” - RnR Magazine. And "...if you like dark brooding melancholy style blues with good lyrics and a great arrangement then check this album out." - Blues Matters. The release also made it into the top 20 most played albums in the IBBA chart for June. But don't take their word for it, you can listen to the release for yourself here:

I was asked to chat about my music and career to date for 'God Is In The T.V.' by Humphrey Fordham, a fantastic music blog who have been very supportive so far. Here a little highlight about my trip to the states...

"Tell me about your States trips? How have they been inspirational?

 The travels I’ve had around America have definitely come to define my sound, especially my first two albums. It was when everything came together for me as an artist, and I started getting some success with my music. I haven’t been back to the States for a while, and probably won’t in the foreseeable future. Touring in the States just isn’t viable at the moment, but it will always have a special place in my heart."

Featured in that interview was also the music video to my new single 'Fading Out', you can watch the full video below. Hope to see you on the road somewhere, until next time stay safe!

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