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Things Are Getting Better

This month has seen a return to activity, after seemly months of waiting for things to return to normality, being busy is a welcome relief. In short I've had my hands full planing my next release with my team and I'm happy to announce on the 13th of July I will be returning to Masterlink studio's to record my next album 'Marked Man'.

And over the last few weeks I've been busy with my band rehearsing new songs, so when it comes time for the recording light to blink on we will be as best prepared as we can be. In this day an age with small recording budgets the more prepared you can be the better, and long gone are the days of months writing in the studio as you record.

That being said I still like to leave open the possibility of in the moment inspiration and I also like to work closely with my producer, in this case James Walsh, and see what new angles and poits of view we can explore. This really opens up the songwriting to new directions and breathes life into the recording process.

So keep your eyes pealed on my social media for more updates as well as some behind the scenes photos of the recording process. Until next time.

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