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The Worst Is Behind Us

With the passing of winter and warmer weather on the horizon, I'm filled with a sense of optimism. Not only because of the feeling that the pandemic is coming to it's end in the U.K. at least, but also because with things beginning to open up so to do more opportunities, and things are starting to get off the ground and running again.

The first signs of this are with new gigs being booked in and a new tour coming together as I write this. The first date is a home show in London with my full band behind me on the 7th June at The New Cross Inn. More dates are to be booked in throughout June and the coming months across the U.K. so no need to feel left out if London is too far a field.

I also have also been busy promoting my acoustic EP coming out in June with radio show interviews and podcasts (for Masterlink) more details to be released on my social media. But before then my new single 'Say You Will (Acoustic)' is out now and you can hear it by clicking here.

To accompany the release I've also filmed an exclusive live acoustic version of the track for you to enjoy below. And that's just about it to report for now. Things are still a little quiet but I'm limbering up to make some big noise very soon. See you on the road, Ben.

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