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Strange Times

I can't believe how quickly times have changed since my last newsletter. From a full schedule of radio shows and live dates, I'm now stuck in self-isolation limbo, unsure as to when this will all return back to normal. But I've got too far over the past years to let all that hard work go to waste, so I've never been more determined to keep the show on the road. I've been putting all my free time to good use writing for a new album next year and promoting my upcoming album 'Broken Road' due to be released on June 17th. So with that in mind I'm sure you could all do with some audio-visual relief from everything that's been going on.

If you haven't heard it yet my new single 'Dark Deals' is out now. And it's already enjoyed no little success with over 4k streams on Spotify and airtime on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester,  BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Suffolk, and made Radio Woking's single of the week, as well as some other great indie radio stations. If you haven't seen it, check out the official music video below.

Looking back to March before the lock-down kicked in, I played my last gig with my band at Midweek Blues in Ipswich and what a gig it was. People were still out and enjoying themselves unaware of what was coming, and I even did a live session on BBC Radio Suffolk before the gig. Needless to say there were some sore heads the next day on the return trip to London. Let's hope things get back to normal soon. In the meantime here is an acoustic version of 'Dark Deals' that I filmed in my London flat, enjoy. Until next time stay safe.

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