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Open for Business Once Again

Things are opening up again here in London and although a tentative return to normality is happening, it is a return to normality never the less. And nothing demonstrates this more than gigs once again being on the horizon.

I won't lie to you things have been a bit quiet recently in Ben Hemming H.Q. but I'm determined to change that and get things back on track once again. Last week saw me get my band together again for what has seemed like months, to rehearse some new songs for the recording of my new album, and more pressingly some upcoming gigs! Happy to announce I will be hitting the road once again with a trip to Glasgow on the 26th June with a gig at the 13th Note. But before that I'll be taking to the stage with my band in London with a socially distanced show at The New Cross Inn on the 7th June. More dates to be announced soon but make sure you don't miss out by snapping up your tickets now as attendance will be limited! Get your ticket here.

I'm also continuing to put out some acoustic tracks in the run up to getting back into the studio in July, and my next ong is out on the 10th May. It's an acoustic version of the song 'Fading out' and you can pre-order it below. Here's a little teaser of what to expect.

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