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New Year, new Hope?

Well what a year THAT turned out to be, for all the wrong reasons! But I don't want to dwell too much on the past 12 months, although some good things did come out of it, I'd rather look forward to new horizons and what the future holds.

The first lock down did give me the chance to take a breather and sit down to write a new album with no distractions. And I do now have a collection of songs that I plan to take into the studio in the spring / summer depending on travel restrictions and the like. But until then I wanted to put something out there for you guys to enjoy. I've been recording a few acoustic versions from my last album which I will be putting out as a collection of acoustic songs as an EP.

The first song will be an acoustic version of 'Dark Deals' to be released in February. I'll be filming a live session to coincide with the release and you'll be able to check that out soon.

Other than that I've got to admit things have been pretty quiet, with gigs pretty much canceled for the foreseeable future and with much of the country in high restrictions. But I've decided to put on an exclusive live stream on the 22nd of January kicking off at 8pm. I'm working on making this my most highest production of this kind to date, and I hope to see you all there which will be as close as I can get to playing live at the moment. But until then, stay safe!

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