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New single 'Dark Deals' set for release

Every time I sit down to write this monthly newsletter, I realise how much I seem to have packed in over the last month and February is been no exception. I somehow managed to fit in a trip to Norway to finish the mix on my new album, an album cover photo shoot, a music video shoot, two gigs, and a radio show appearance! While that sinks in let me go into a little bit more detail. The two gigs were a solo acoustic show in Hoxton (a regular haunt of mine) and the fantastic Surrey Rhythm and Blues Club. This was at a great venue, Soper Hall, in Caterham. Me and my band were greeted by a very attentive audience who loved our set and I can't wait to return. The promoter treated us so well and were very welcoming, a great night of music.

The rest of the month was gearing up to my forth coming fourth album 'Broken Road' out in June. I took to Epping Forest and braved the cold and with the help of PF Images behind the camera, produced a stunning set of promo pictures which will look amazing on the cover of my upcoming releases. And last but no means least, an appearance on BBC Radio London were I performed a live acoustic version of my new single 'Dark Deals' out on the 11th of March. The single has already had loads of radio airtime, including Radio Woking's 'Single of The Week' so I'm hoping for big things on it's release. You can pre-order it here: And to give you a little taster about what you can expect here's a teaser video for you to keep you entertained. The video will be released along with the single on the 11th March and you can watch the full version on my Facebook page or my YouTube Channel.

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