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Light at the End of the Tunnel

2020 well what can I say? A year that started so brightly is drawing to a close in the shadow of uncertainty. I admit I had high hopes, with a new album out with some of my best work, and things finally starting to fall into place... and then Covid-19 happened.

Since then it's really been a battle just to keep afloat and the show on the road. And much to my relief I have. Next year really is looking a lot brighter. I'm over the worst financially and now prepared for the next difficult few months of going in and out of lock-downs and restrictions until the effects of the vaccine begin kicking in, in what I hope will be early Spring. And I have some big plans in store. In the near future I will be releasing a 'Deluxe' version of my album 'Broken Road' in the run up to which I will be releasing some exclusive Live acoustic versions of songs from the album. Beginning with an acoustic version of 'Say You Will' which is out on the 20th of January. I've been busy recording with my drummer Lui Rampino backing me up on Cajon and I'm really pleased with the vibe we've captured in the tracks.

Then in the spring / summer I will be heading back into the studio proper to lock myself away to record my next full studio album, no doubt with producer Nick Terry behind the desk and my band in toe. I'll be promoting the release with festivals and gigs already confirmed: 22nd April at New Cross Inn, 7th - 11th July - Dereham Blues Festival, 17th Fletcher's FarmFest - Great Ayton, and 4th Sep - Borough Blues Club, Cwmbran. More dates to follow soon.

And so to end on a positive note: my aim this year started as taking my music career to the next level then quickly changed to just simply having one. And I'm really happy to say I never gave up and got through it, 2021 looking all set to step things up, just a year later than planned...

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