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Gigs are back, and it's awesome!

And so ends the summer! That was fast right!? Well that's England for you, you want good weather go else where! But there are some good things to look forward to now it's got colder, namely gig's are back on the menu, and I've been working hard to get a few booked in! It hasn't been easy as a lot of venues are opting to stay closed until social distancing is fazed out, and while I totally understand the reasoning behind that, it does feel a little like giving up and facing defeat.

However that has never been my attitude 'adapt or die' feels like a much more relevant mantra for the current situation. And with that in mind September see's me returning to the stage in force with three London gig's lined up in the coming weeks, on the 12th September at Flour & Flowers, and 15th & 22rd at Gigi's, both venues in Hoxton.

And with the return of gig's marks the end of live streams for me. A format I never was totally happy with. For me performing live is all about connecting with an audience, something that feels difficult over a live stream, and the Facebook live stream I did for the canceled gig at Glasshouse Acoustic Sessions gig feels like a good moment to faze them out. Unless another lock-down rears it's ugly head, and let's hope that doesn't happen!

My new album 'Broken Road' has also received more glowing reviews, this time from Powerplay Magazine: “...the album has a plush sound that really comes to life as it expands... if you like your Blues on the heavier side, then this is for you.” 8/10. And if you haven't already you can check it out here:

Taken from that album is my new single 'Say You Will' and I've been busy again in front and behind the camera putting together the music video that you can check out below.

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