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Back in the studio and on the road

I'm excited to announce that for the last three weeks I have been busy working away on my next album 'Marked Man' with my band and I couldn't be happier (despite missing out on the sun). The recording process is finally complete and the project is now in the safe hands of producer James Welsh who will spend the next few weeks mixing and mastering the 10 track LP. It was recorded at Masterlink Productions, a homely studio tucked away in the country side of Woking, and was amazing to take some time out of London with my drummer Lui Rampino and bassist Reuben Ard to craft what will become my 5th studio album, no mean feat I can tell you!

The fist single 'Lost Faith' is due for release in mid October. But to tide you over until then below is a live session of 'Dead Man Blues' I filmed with my band a few months ago. I was so pleased with the final track that I decided to release it as a single. Once you've checked out the video below don't forget to save the single to your streaming platform of choice. You can stream/download the release by CLICKING HERE.

And if that has whet your appetite for live music I'm also over the moon to announce live music is back with a bang and my calendar is overflowing with new dates! This months gigs are as follows:

7th Aug - The Drawingroom, Chesham - BUY TICKETS 23rd Aug - The Half-moon, Putney - BUY TICKETS

For full gig listings please CLICK HERE.

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