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New music on it's way

January... a month traditionally seen as a time to begin to implement this years New Years resolutions has been for me anything but. In short I've been very busy indeed recording my new album 'Broken Road' set for release in June. This album has seen me join forces again with producer Nick Terry. He's been involved in some way or another with all my releases and for 'Broken Road' he was back on producer duties as we returned to Velvet Recordings in Norway, the scene of the crime for 2017's 'City Of Streets'. In some ways 'Broken Road' feels like a big progression from that record, playing with a completely different backing band with a development in the music, but still retaining the 'Nu-Blues' ethic which has become somewhat of a trade mark for me.

I spent two weeks in the company of my drummer Lui Rampino and bassist Thomas Sidd crafting what is now my forth album and I couldn't be more happy with the results. Now all that remains is to head back to Oslo to begin the mixing process, a stage as important as the recording, in time to release the first single 'Dark Deals' on the 5th March. But recording a new album is not the only thing I've been up to in January. I've also found the time to appear on three radio shows and perform two gigs. I've also been attending this year Americana UK conference and Showcase were I've had a chance to see some old faces and make some new friends in the growing UK Americana scene in which I feel strongly connected too. Here's to February with more gigs in the pipeline, three actually (click here for info) an album cover photo shoot, BBC London Radio apprentice, and a music video shoot... Blimey!

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