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New Resolutions and New Releases

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

And so a new year is upon us. It's tempting at this point to put together a list of meaningless resolutions for the new year that tend to get neglected. So this year I'm sticking to my usual goals of making and releasing the best music I can. And so in keeping with this resolution I'm happy to announce I heading back into the studio to record my forth album 'Broken Road'. I've decided to head back to Norway were I recorded my second album 'City of Streets' and work with Nick Terry again. I feel Nick has become what Nigel Godrich was to Radiohead, in this regard and feel Nick really understands what I'm trying to achieve through my music. Coming along with me will be my band, and I will be implying the talents of Lui Rampino on drums and Thomas Sidd on bass. Velvet Recordings will be the studio again, and I'm looking forward to filling the vast live room with distorted guitars and pulsating beats. The first single will be 'Dark Deals' due for release in March, and I can't wait to share with all you lovely people a direction in my music which I feel has gone from strength to strength in recent years. 2020 will also see me hit the live circuit hard with my amazing backing band, the first date being the 22nd January at Gigi's in London. But I'm also playing all over the U.K. details of which you can find here. So I hope to see you all soon, happy 2020!

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