Riding the wave of success of 2019’s seminal album ‘The Devil Beside Me’ hailed as "Huge, dark, bleak and troubled. One of the best things I’ve heard this year." by Music News, Ben Hemming has returned to the studio to craft a release that brims with Alt-Rock credentials but still maintains Hemming’s Blues roots.

“A thunderous record… a very, very strong album.’’ - Maverick Magazine

"...fantastic, a real cool record with plenty of guts and a real dose of blues rock with heart."- Jace Media

" extremely competent musical journey into someone’s soul, with those deals that accompany the legend of Robert Johnson laid bare." 9/10 - God Is In The TV

"...if you like dark brooding melancholy style blues with good lyrics and a great arrangement then check this album out." - Blues Matters

“...bleak, brooding, huge... hints of the Blues as interpreted by an original thinker...” - RnR Magazine

“...the album has a plush sound that really comes to life as it expands... if you like your Blues on the heavier side, then this is for you.” 8/10 - Powerplay Magazine



The official music video to the single 'Say You Will'.


“This is the opening track of the album and set the tone, a brooding and bitter reflection on past regrets, filled with the sorrow of looking back at what has been left behind on the road. It tells of things better left forgotten, of what could have been, but never will. Locked away memories resigned to the past.”



The official music video to the single 'Say You Will'.

‘Dark Deals’ is defiantly a progression for me, but it has at it’s core the roots music that has shaped my career. It has an underlying Americana vibe that speaks of inner turmoil in a voice speaking in the third person. But it’s also about recognising your faults and excepting them, for making you the person that you are.’

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